"Absolutely fabulous treatments. Consistently! A truly skilled and compassionate therapist. Debbie was a key therapist during a prolonged and difficult time for me. Treatments with Debbie meant I had respite from chronic pain and FELT GOOD. What more can you ask for? Well she is also lovely..."

Janine Cousins

“I've had Fibromyalgia and associated problems for lots of years now and over the years I've had lots of different physical therapies; some have helped me manage better and some have not helped much at all. I was advised to try Debbie by a chiropractor. Debbie introduced me to the Hendrickson Method and my first thoughts were that it didn't seem to do much, but boy oh boy was I wrong. My body started to loosen up and behave so much better than it ever had done. I would seriously recommend this therapy for anyone with ongoing chronic pain issues, it's very gentle but also very effective and really helped to get my body moving better again.”

Jill Clay

"Deb has done a great job rehabilitating a serious shoulder injury and other aches and pains caused by years of horses!!! Highly recommend"

Naomi Leigh Mawby

"Thank you so much Deb for working on my dodgy knees. They are feeling much better and I am getting more flexibility around my ankle - very necessary at Zumba"

Yvonne Campbell