The Hendrickson Method...

Is an advanced form of body work that is effective in the treatment of most general musculoskeletal problems encountered in day-to-day life, including lumbar and hip pain, neck stiffness, shoulder discomfort, headaches, foot pain, nerve impingement, RSI, tennis elbow etc. I have also found that the Hendrickson Method has helped people with chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia and arthritis. The unique combination of massage and joint mobilization into one flowing therapy session means the therapeutic effect of a Hendrickson Method treatment reaches deeper into the body in a profoundly relaxing way. Hendrickson Method simultaneously treats joints, the nervous system and soft tissue, to provide long-term benefits.

Hendrickson Method - three techniques in one!
Hendrickson Method is an advanced system of massage and manual therapy developed by Dr Tom Hendrickson, a renowned US-based chiropractor. This advanced therapy combines a new method of massage called Wave Mobilization® together with Joint Mobilization and Muscle Energy Technique (a method of neuromuscular rehabilitation).

It is profoundly relaxing to receive, effortless to perform, and an efficient and effective way to treat acute and chronic pain while promoting optimum health. Hendrickson Method simultaneously treats joints, the nervous system and soft tissue, to provide long-term benefits. It is a suitable therapy for most orthopaedic conditions, including lumbago (low-back pain), neck and shoulder aches and pains, hip degeneration, pain caused by a trapped nerve, RSI, and rotator cuff injuries. And it is gentle enough to work with people suffering with the symptoms of chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Wave Mobilization® is rhythmic body rocking modelled on the action of ocean waves which profoundly relaxes the body; mobilising the joints and soft tissue in a therapeutic healing way. A lot of HM treatment is performed in a side-lying position where the spinal joints are opened up. HM can work lightly or more deeply into the body.

Hendrickson Method uses a combination of three techniques to bring about optimum results in treating orthopaedic conditions: Wave Mobilization®, Joint Mobilization and Muscle Energy Technique (MET).

Wave Mobilization® Therapy
Modelled on ocean waves and grounded in essential Tai Chi principles of energy healing, Wave Mobilization® therapy features rounded, scooping strokes performed in gentle, rhythmic oscillations that mimic the energetic flow of ocean waves.

Joint Mobilization
The joints and their surrounding soft tissue are typically the primary source of pain in a body. Acute injuries often result in swelling, loss of joint motion, and the inhibition of normal muscle function by neurological reflexes. Chronic joint problems, whether due to degeneration or dysfunction, are almost always the result of misaligned and restricted joints, which prevent normal movement. Hendrickson Method includes specific protocols for treating acute and chronic joint problems that are efficient and effective in reducing pain and restoring normal movement.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
By having clients actively resist gentle, strategic applications of pressure, this can promote the rehabilitation of malfunctioning nerves. MET also helps strengthen weak muscles, eliminates trigger points, relaxes chronically tight muscles and improves the range of motion of joints.

HM and Fibromyalgia
I have found HM is gentle enough to work with people suffering with the symptoms of chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Here is how one of my clients felt about the treatment:
"I've had Fibromyalgia and associated problems for lots of years now and over the years I've had lots of different physical therapies; some have helped me manage better and some have not helped much at all. I was advised to see Debbie by a chiropractor. Debbie introduced me to the Hendrickson Method and my first thoughts were that it didn't seem to do much, but boy oh boy was I wrong. My body started to loosen up and behave so much better than it ever had done. I would seriously recommend this therapy for anyone with ongoing chronic pain issues, it's very gentle but also very effective and really helped to get my body moving better again." Jill Clay

What happens during a treatment
A Hendrickson Method treatment is normally undertaken with the client fully clothed, making this therapy accessible to most, and easier to perform... For your first session, please bring or wear lightweight clothing – for example jogging trousers, leggings (not too tight, please) and a stretchy T-shirt/top/vest.

An initial appointment lasts roughly 1 hour 30 minutes - during which time I take a full personal and medical history. This is followed by practical, hands-on work - part assessment/part treatment - after which I’ll use my findings to devise a bespoke treatment plan.

It’s impossible to know how many treatments will be required. However, we continually assess. Generally we say that a difference should be noted after four sessions and I’ll update/tailor the treatment plan as necessary. Sometimes, we’ll help to alleviate the initial problem only for this to reveal a deeper, underlying issue!