1. Soft-tissue therapy, incorporating the Hendrickson Method of Orthopaedic Massage & Manual Therapy... Plus NEW Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques!

Many people who come to me have aches and pains caused by postural bad habits from working at computers, driving for a living, having strenuous jobs or hobbies like sewing and knitting!

Soft tissue therapy can help those suffering with headaches, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and most commonly back, neck, shoulder and knee pain; all of which can be eased with massage therapy and a general overhaul of a person’s postural bad habits.

Many soft-tissue problems are caused by one set of muscles being stronger than their opposing set, which throws our bones and joints out of alignment. To help correct this imbalance, I combine specific work to release tight muscles and strengthen/reawaken weak muscles, together with exercises that can be continued at home.

I have also found that the Hendrickson Method has helped people with chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia and arthritis. Please go to the page 'About Hendrickson Method' for more details.

For your first session, please bring or wear light clothing – for example jogging trousers, leggings (not too tight, please) and a stretchy T-shirt/top.

This initial appointment lasts roughly 1 hour 30 mins, during which time I take a full personal and medical history. This is followed by practical, hands-on work - part assessment/part treatment - after which I’ll use my findings to devise a bespoke treatment plan.

How many treatments will I need? It is impossible to know how many treatments will be required - it depends on the severity of the problem, how long you’ve suffered with it, and how your body responds to the treatment. Generally we say that a difference should be noted after three sessions and I’ll update/tailor the treatment plan as necessary. Sometimes, we’ll help to alleviate the initial problem only for this to reveal a deeper, underlying issue!
After all, when you clean out the attic, you expect to stir up a little dust... and also find some things you didn’t know were there!

1hr 30mins - £70 (essential for first treatment session)
1hr - £55

2. McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® (MSTR®)

MSTR® is a gentle, natural way to free restrictions caused by scars, no matter their size, type or age!
Gentle finger-tip pressure is applied to the area to help free the restrictions that the scar has been creating over the past months or even many years.
According to research, if a scar is left untreated, it may make other therapeutic interventions less effective or not last as long.
Even though a scar may be many years old, MSTR® could be the treatment your body has been searching for, to help relieve the restrictions that the scar tissue is causing.
Often, just one or two sessions can produce dramatic changes that you can see and feel.

1hr 30mins - £70 (essential for first treatment session)
1hr - £55

3. Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy (NSRT)

NSRT is an extremely gentle treatment which can help those in acute or chronic pain. It is so gentle that it has no contraindications, so can’t make anything worse, making it safe for people of all ages, including babies and children. 

I’ve used NSRT on many people, with extremely successful outcomes; and it’s particularly good for helping people with bad backs, hips, shoulders, necks, especially when there’s potential nerve involvement.
NSRT realigns the whole body, not just the area(s) with dysfunction. If you would like more information, please contact me for a pdf document.
Also, more information can be found on the NSRT website: https://carolepreen7.wixsite.com/neuroskeletal

1hr 30mins - £70 (essential for first treatment session)
1hr - £55



4. General Maintenance and Sports Massage

For those who have no specific ‘issues’ and prefer a more traditional massage with oil. Using myofascial release and deep-tissue techniques; therapeutic stretching, including PNF/MET (resistance) release. Post-event 'recovery' massage also available.

1hr 30mins - £70 (essential for first treatment session)
1hr - £55

5. Relaxation Massage, including Hawaiian LomiLomi

I was extremely lucky to undertake my very first massage training course on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui; and as part of my course, I was taught LomiLomi (the Hawaiian word for ‘massage’). This traditional form of massage from the islands of Aloha is flowing, rhythmic and wonderfully relaxing. During the massage, a combination of soothing Hawaiian tunes and scented oil will transport you to your very own private paradise isle, a perfect getaway from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

1hr 30mins - £70
1hr - £55